Different Directions

The academic program is a challenging one, and the scholastic standards are high. Vatsalya School is committed to educating your child and our program focuses equally on the academics, co-curricular, mental and physical development of the child. Our mission is to provide engaging and enriching experiences tailored according to the needs and talents of the student.

In Primary Classes, the teachers and assistants monitor each child’s growth and progress carefully and regularly stay in touch with parents through meetings and narrative reports. The creativity and skills of the child are developed and nurtured through various co-curricular activities like english recitation competitions, fancy dress, singing, dance, craft, poetry and sports.

Our Aims & Objectives

  • To build feelings of nationalism.
  • Inculcating moral values to make pupil worthy enterprising citizen.
  • Being the feeling of brotherhood towards collegues.
  • Inculcating diciplined life.
  • All round physical, mental and spiritual development.
  • Make self sufficient, intellectual individuals.
  • Learn to respect elders, compassion for poor and needy and tolerance towards youngsters.
  • To excel in academics and co-curricular activities with sportsmanship spirit.
  • To develop qualities of leadership.
  • Awareness towards the need of quality education.

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